Mission Statement
Client Satisfaction is our #1 priority. We determine client's needs and respond to meet those needs Quickly, Thoroughly, and Precisely. We also facilitate future surveyors to follow our work to help their clients as well as the public we serve.

We need as much information as you can provide in order to determine your needs. Information we need includes; address of property, deed with legal description, and prior survey.

To be determined based on complexity of job, size of subject parcel, amount of research required.

We are a public service business, licensed by the State of New York to "protect your private property rights". We are charged by The State of New York to use and continuously update our land surveying skills to maintain the trust of our citizens. The State of New York trusts us to maintain the highest levels of integrity and dignity in dealing with our clients and the public at large. When you see us out there "in the field", please don't hesitate to ask us what we are doing. We're only too happy to educate the public we serve.

Ward Brooks, BTLS
11 Ocean Avenue Blue Point,NY 11715